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You are looking for meaningful and innovative ways to lead and manage. You want to further explore how to lever up work performance and growth using triggers such as emotional intelligence, positive leadership, empathy, stress and change management. You wish to manage teams applying human oriented values and prepare your company to surf the new environmental and social challenges. Managing paradoxes: Need-A experts have developed a customized Applied mind Training for Leaders. It is conceived as a pathway and framework towards Mindful Leadership. Walking the path of mindful leadership can be an answer to the changing and complex challenges of business and managing paradoxical realities and constraints. It takes discipline, insight, willingness to change and transform one’s concepts and others’. Our mind training intensive program for leaders and managers helps to set clear landmarks and takes you through a training progressive process until you master a set of natural, personal, organizational and relational skills and become a flexible, empowering, visionary leader. 

Example of process

5 steps Need-a Consulting process
 A.M.T.E on site or distance learning program for Leader-managers
Customized Courses: ” A clear mind for clear strategy”, “Emotional Intelligence and Change management”, “Contain information overload”, etc
Seminar: “Global Mindset Leader, Manager” Held within a regenerative environment for body and mind, you will follow an intensive global cognitive training and work on your company’s 3 act script, 3 levelled-motivation contract as well as your own development of perceptual skills, including decision-oriented intuition, meditative practices for mind clarity and a vision quest challenge.

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Y et Z Generation, Talents and high potentials


Staff on the edge, stress and Burn Out


Teams within their comfort zone

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